keskiviikko 26. elokuuta 2015

Weigh in day, again!

Today was a really good day, went really fast, was busy doing my thesis product so that I'll maybe graduate one day. The thing that I was really waiting, was my weigh in at 7 pm. I had the normal feelings, thinking if there would be any loss or not, hopefully not any gain. First we talked about my upcoming weekend, because my dear friend V is coming from Finland and I'm going to eat some normal food.

So starting from tomorrow, I'm going to be on Sole Source Plus until next Wednesday. If I would not do this transition, I would crack and eat really much of unhealthy food and on plus I'm allowed to eat this small amount of protein and veggies. Meaning I can use a fork and knife, use my teeth, chew the food. Well of course you can chew the Cambridge bars, but sometimes it is really nice to eat somethings else.

This is on my wall, motivating me to lose those 8kg! I like these motivation notes on my wall. I have so many of them :)

Next week I will return on Sole Source, because there is so much to lose and I put another goal for me. In six weeks I'm flying to Finland and participating to our annual family party and I want to be -20kg lighter and lost quite many inches/centimetres. I want to see their reactions when they notice that I have lost weight. That might be vain, but I am. I have always been one of the fattest there, other relatives have lost weight or they just are slim, but I#m just this fat cousin/niece/some distant relative but no more.

On today's weigh in I lost 1.9kg from last week and that is more than I had put on my weekly goal. So now I have 8kg to lose in six weeks and I can do it. There will be no crackings, I have my goal and I'm going to reach it. This next week is going to be hard, but I've got two bars for every day, one Malt Toffee and one Lemon yogurt. We'll also be doing so much and walking around London, so I think that one thing I have to be worried about is drinking enough water.

Now of to bed and having happy thoughts about everything.

Happy selfie afterwards! 

maanantai 24. elokuuta 2015

Freezing feet

Today was again a London day. My normal London days are that I'm going to London in the morning, taking a paper to legislation office, waiting there 30 to 60 minutes that its ready and then head back to the office. So mostly I just sit in a train or a bus, because it takes quite some time.

It was okay weather when I left home, forgot my jacket home, but luckily did remember my umbrella. It started pouring when I arrived to London. I was so soaked even when I took the tube, there were these huge puddles and I had to step on some to get on the other side of the road. My converse shoes are not waterproof so my feet got soaked. Like totally. You could hear the splish splash noises when I was walking. So not good for my poor feet.

Need a washup

Short story even shorter, I did not drink enough water during the day, got a really back headache, freezing feet that started to get little warmer around eight pm. I decided to have a lazy day, just browsing different blogs, watched The Prince of Egypt and drank lots of water and some Chamomille tea. No evening Bootea today, next time tomorrow.

My aunt gave me those woollen socks as a Christmas present quite many years ago, but I still love them. They say "Left" and "Right" in Finnish, because when I got them, I was in the army and had to remember which is which. Maybe I should learn how to knit socks. Its not that hard.

Now off to bed, normal day tomorrow, maybe even to the gym before work, we'll see.

sunnuntai 23. elokuuta 2015


The saviour of a bad day, but only if used well. There was a time, when my makeup “routine” included on putting on mascara, sometimes maybe lip gloss. Nothing more. Would have thought that there would be more makeup in my life, because having two older sisters, but no. They never taught me anything about it, so I never gained interest. Until few years back, when starting university. Watched so many tutorials, learned more about applying makeup and different kinds and now I can say that I’m okay doing it. Still trying to learn how to make some nice looks, but I’ve got time.

 Many of the brands that are sold in supermarkets or those kind of stores, are bad for my skin. Tried so many and every time my skin decided flare, pushing the pimples, annoying the living hell out of me. So more research in the future. Read about mineral makeups, people were saying that their skin problems vanished. Then my sister told that she has tried brand called BareMinerals, have worked okay with her so I decided to give it a go. Bought some, first it went okay, but my skin seemed to get little bit worse on some areas. Some of the BareMinerals makeups have this ingredient called Bismuth and it can cause some skin problems with people. Not with everybody, but I got them as did my sister.
1. Cosmetic Warrior from LUSH 2. Just my clean face 3. Putting on some moisturiser (Enzymion from LUSH) 4. Well moisturised skin.  

So the next step was to find something to replace BareMinerals. Luckily my sister found this brand called Everyday Minerals, the company is based in US and seemed okay. Other good thing with Everyday Minerals is, that you can order a sample kit, because you want to try the different tones, which one fits your face. I ordered one, the tones are awesome and no skin problems. I have decided to wait sometime when ordering more of the base makeup, because I have some from Clarins. I do not want to have this huge collection of makeups that I won’t use. This is me trying to save money.

5. After Adding BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer 6. After adding light layer of Clarins Skin Illusion 

Now days I feel like that I'm taking better care of my skin, washing it in the morning and evening, using right type of moisturiser, not using too much make up, using gentle face masks few times per week, cleaning the pores. Here in pictures I've shown you my daily makeup routine before work. Well I do not use the mask everyday, but I do wash my face well in the morning. Now I'm waiting for some Everyday Mineral Makeup samples to arrive, hopefully they do not take long.

7. Final stage is coloring my eye brows, putting on Lumene Natural Code Mascara, Burts Bees lipbalm, Max Factor Scarlet Ghost and on top of it Power lipstick from LUSH, gives it a nice tint. 
There is also picture of my makeup "station". Good height for me and enough room for everything I have. There are also the new EM Makeup Brushes that I ordered last week. They work like a dream.

lauantai 22. elokuuta 2015

Pictures after six weeks!

Short post about the change in my body. There has been times when looking in the mirror and not seeing any change. But today it is so different! I decided to take a lovely mirror selfie before going to gym and after coming home made a before after picture. And I love it! I just stare at it. It rules!

First picture taken on 8.7 and second today (22.8.) 

I just feel so awed that I have managed to make the change and now I can see it, not just imagine it. This really motivates my journey to continue forwards. Sorry about that I'm not smiling, just too serious in the morning time. Now my smile is huge.

perjantai 21. elokuuta 2015

Styles changing

After going through my photos, I wanted to make a collage about how my hairstyle and colour has changed from January to this day. I look so different in the first picture.

This kind of monthly face picture collage could be my next project.. Let's see what happens.


After trying so many things, it really feels like they do not work for me. Maybe it's that Cambridge is not that suitable for my body, because the constipation is starting to annoy me so much. On Wednesday started my seventh week on CWP and I can truthfully say that I usually go on number two once a week and that is usually after long work and effort.

First I just tried over the counter Senna Laxatives, they did not help me at all. Followed the directions, but nothing. The only effect that I got was growly stomach, so annoying. Before buying the Fibre from M, I wanted to try some other things as well. So I bought another laxative, this time it was Dulcoease, some flaxseeds and chamomile tea, because it was said that flaxseeds and chamomile tea should help getting rid of constipation. The tea should also help to get better sleep, so that would be perfect for me. I did not notice any difference with the tea or flaxseeds, but Dulcoease helped a bit, not that much, but some. Number two came twice a week with that, but still felt bloated.

After opening to my sister A about my annoyance for this whole subject, she recommended this really good stuff, called Dulcolax Pico Liquid. It worked really well, going to the bathroom was awesome. The instructions said that you should not use it too much, because if you did, there might be problems later to go without it. So maybe once a week using it, but also eating the Cambridge Fibre, so that maybe it would be good, getting a normal rhythm. First it worked and then it stopped working. Went on last Sunday, felt way bloated whole week, dropped only 0.6kg on Wednesday, took a dosage of the Dulcolax liquid on Wednesday night, hoping that it would work well and could use the bathroom before work on Thursday. But nothing happened on Thursday. Finally today around noon came number two, but it hurt. No need to tell you more, you get the point. 

My coworker L suggested Bootea Detox for me. The concept is that you drink morning tea after waking up every morning and one just before going to sleep every other night. They also recommend that you start it on weekend or a day off, because if your body reacts badly to the evening tea and you have to run to the bathroom all the time. So I drank my first tea today around 5 in the evening, because I really want to have the evening tea and start the whole process. In few hours I'm having the evening tea. I bought two 14 day packages so I'm doing 28 days aka four weeks of detox. Tomorrow morning I'm taking pictures and measurements so that I can compare it. This is like scientific research for me. 

28 days worth of Detox Tea.

So if any of you readers have any experience, feel like asking questions or just curious, please comment them. If you have done this detox, it's really nice to know about your experiences. Luckily the daytime tea tasted quite good.

torstai 20. elokuuta 2015

Slowly but surely

Sunset at Prospect Park on Tuesday

Anticipation. [An-tis-uh-pey-shuh n]. Noun. There are different meanings for this word, but for the last week, all of these have been going through my mind and the feeling grew bigger and bigger until yesterday 7pm and I stepped on the scale again. 115.0 kg. The number had gone down from last week, but only 0.6kg. Not that motivating. But we took the measurements too. Those were really nice. We usually take them every three weeks, so that is one reason that the numbers drop is good.
  1.        The act of anticipating or the state of being anticipated.
  2.        Realization in advance; foretaste.
  3.        Expectation or hope.
  4.        Previous notion; slight previous impression.

Sometimes when looking in the mirror, I believe that I can see the change, but my brain tries to tell me that it’s not right, you’re really not getting thin or skinny or fit, you’re not losing weight, it’s just your imagination or wishful thinking. That is the biggest reason I do not own a scale. I would be going on it way too much, maybe every morning, wanting to see change, especially with a diet like this. But it’s not good for me. Trying to concentrate on the light feeling, fitting in the clothes that did not fit me before, because that has happened already with a pair of jeans and a dress.

When doing a lifestyle change, brains are the hardest muscle to train. Everything between your ears might be fighting the change, make you think about all the things you think you want, but really don’t. Like especially when it’s certain time, you think you’re hungry, but you’re not. It’s just the cravings shouting, wanting sugar and everything that is bad for you.

Yesterday after the weigh in I felt like going to Sainsbury’s, buy some small cakes, biscuits, cookies and sweets. Just because I did not meet my weekly goal. My brains tried to tell me that, because I failed, I should comfort myself with something that would give me a sugar high. Have done it so many times in the future. Eating for the problems I have, eating when celebrating, eating when sad, eating when mad, just eating when anything good or bad happens to me. Yesterday the same thing almost happened. But it did not. Went home, messaged with my sister, changed clothes and started walking towards the gym. In the pouring rain. So many times when walking there I thought about taking the bus there or completely just skipping the gym. But I did not.

I was almost soaked when arriving to the gym, but had change pair of pants, changed them on and started my routine. It went well, felt great doing it, next week I have to add little more weight on some parts, because it felt too easy for me. Same time I was at the gym, there two guys going bench pressing and biceps and two girls first on treadmill and stationary bikes. It was little cliché that the guys concentrated only on their upper body, same thing that they did on Monday when I was there. Hopefully they do not forget leg days. Insert laugh here. The girls were quite cliché too. Seen them there before, just doing cardio. I don’t have the right to judge anybody but myself, but when seeing them just doing cardio, in quite slow pace, I felt like going to talk with them, asking about their goals, why they are going to the gym. I know that I’m no personal trainer or have so much information about the subject, but I know some. Maybe one day I’ll go and ask if they want any help, but now I’ll just concentrate on getting myself into awesome shape.

After my gym session, I walked home and it was not raining anymore. All the disappointment that I felt towards the weigh in scales melted away at the gym and that is the biggest reason I could go there every day. Even left my phone home, had some really awesome me time without any technology and did not miss it. You should try it too. Put your phone on flight mode for certain amount of time, just doing something that does not include technology.

Now I’m trying not to think about the weight that is not going down as fast I would like it to and concentrate more on feeling good and going to the gym. Maybe even volunteering on something. I’ll never know what might happen when I really start doing things and not just thinking about doing them.

Everyday Minerals Makeup Brushes
 I also ordered some Everyday Mineral makeup brushes from eBay, posting about them on weekend and some of my makeup habits, skin conditions and other stuff.

tiistai 18. elokuuta 2015

A gym story

It’s the beginning of August and you decide to do something that you’ve been thinking already for a long time, joining a gym. Already thinking about all the things you’re going to do there, losing weight, getting really fit and enjoying the feeling of your body. Then comes the first problem, you don’t have any good clothes to use so buying cute fitness clothes is next on the agenda.

Picture from We Heart It

When shopping, you really cannot fit in the cutest outfits, but you find something that fits you, does not look like something your grandma would use and doesn’t cost a fortune. You can also check out some good quality shoes for the gym, there is no point of going there without the right tools. Also before going to the gym, you have to check that there no unwanted hairs on your legs or armpits. There could be handsome guys at the gym and you want to give the best impression.

Picture from We Heart It

So now you have the membership, the clothes and no unwanted hairs. You really would like to go there with a friend, but none of your friends have the incline to join. So alone you must go. Of course today is Monday, a good day to start something new. You’ll even go on the same day, full of enthusiasm and these pictures of yourself when you’re going to be fit.

You start with a warm up on treadmill, walking okay pace for about ten minutes and now you’re ready for the actual training. There lies another problem. You have no slightest idea what to do. Yes, you want flat stomach, nice arms and a nice looking arse. Then you do little bit of this, little bit of that, looking fearfully when the huge guys there lift humongous weights and all the females seems to be in their top shape. You feel like you don’t belong.

Picture from We Heart It

You’ll continue going to the gym, doing something small and trying really to get in better shape, but your motivation starts to fade, you’re not going to the gym anymore, but you still have the membership. You continue paying, saying to yourself “one day I’ll go there again and I succeed”. So you continue living your life, partying normally, eating unhealthy foods and with no exercise at all.

Picture from We Heart It

One year after you bought your gym membership, you’ll remember having, after going through your account. You have been paying for it for a year, but you still look the same. Nothing has changed. You belong to a gym, but do not go there. You’re waiting for the morning you wake up and something magical is going to happen and you feel motivated to change your life, again. But you will be waiting for that a long time, because it does not magically happen. The change comes from within, you have to want the change to happen, you have to work for the change and motivate yourself even it’s raining cats and dogs, your trainers have dust on them and you just don’t have the energy after work.

Picture from We Heart It

Because think of the results you could be showing, if you would have stayed committed to going to the gym. Asked help from a personal trainer or somebody who goes there a lot, changed your eating habits, but mostly believed that you can do it. You would completely look like a different person. A person full of confidence, even if not in goal weight, but working towards it. The motivation sticking by making it a habit. Every, day, week, month. You can do it.

You can do it and so can I.

sunnuntai 16. elokuuta 2015

My Grand Design

Change is good and it's inevitable. For some time already there have been a thought of change in my head, to do something new for my blog. Today was time for it. Did not exactly know what I wanted, but after sitting many hours on the computer and modifying pictures, trying to see what looks good, what does not and changing the pictures so many times.

The name changed, because the old one was not completely true with this blog. In here I'm mostly writing about my journey towards skinnier me and now the blog reflects that and not just something. I'll still write about other stuff that I'll do, so not only about my eating and exercise habits, because that would be plain boring.

My Grand Design. The name already gets me very exited. Some of you might have heard of the British show where they do these awesome renovations? I like watched only one episode, but it was so nice. Then there are these other tv shows like 24 hour design. That already tells me that the change is going be done fast, but it might not be this really good change. So my change is going to be done with a grand design, with care so that after I have reached my goal, I will not return to the bad stuff, gaining weight or stop doing exercise.

Lifestyle change continued today with morning gym. Was there before ten and the training that I did, almost killed me. I was so done after the session and almost took a bus home, but did not. Walking home was a good cool down. Have to do still some stretching, because I want to be able to move tomorrow. My butt muscles are sore from yesterday. Going down the stairs hurts and I live on the top floor.

Next week I'm going to do some more changes on the blog pages. But now, good night everybody.

Fat vs. Muscle

After starting the Cambridge Weight plan and telling some of my family and friends that I am doing it, the reactions has been very different. My sister A has been here for me all the time, supporting and motivating me. Yesterday told my mom that I have lost almost 10kg in little over one month and she was worried that I might be losing the weight too fast. Some of my friends have the same reaction.

From so many places you have read or heard that muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe you have even seen the picture underneath, with 5 pounds of fat and 5 pounds of muscle and the muscle is so much smaller and nicer to look at. These things I have been thinking, especially after starting to move more, going to the gym and doing long walks. It might be that next Wednesday there is not going to be so much weight loss, because of the exercise that I have during this week and what I will continue to do. But if there is no changes on the scale, we are going to take the measurements and then see if there has been any changes.

When looking at the fat picture, I feel ill. The amount of fat in my body is way too much and I want to get rid of it. I'm not one of those lucky people who can almost eat anything they want, without any changes in them. But I'm working towards my goal now.

Another topic that I have been thinking for sometime, are the different body types. Mine is apple, all the fat stores in my middle section, arms and face. Like those areas have some kind of magnet that calls for the fat towards them. Maybe it's from my genes. Getting rid of the fat in my belly and arms is number one goal and unfortunately you cannot choose from where the fat starts burning away. When exercising, I think this is the conversation that my different body parts are having :

"Brain: Oh! We are doing exercise so lets get rid of the extra fat! Belly are you listening?

Belly: ..Sleeping..

Brain: C'mon Belly, wake up! You have to get rid of the extra fat!

Belly: ..Still sleeping..

Brain: Well I try to wake Bell later, maybe Arms are happy to lose the extra fat. Hey Arms, you awake? Time to lose the extra fat!

Arms: Almost sleeping.. trying to ignore Brain..

Brain: What is with everybody! Now is a really good time to get rid of the extra fat. 

Legs, Butt and Boobs: We're awake! We can lose some extra fat!

Brain: Well its good that somebody listens to me, but you three do not have that much extra, but it's better to lose some than none. "

So that is the reason why my belly and arms are in the worst shape, they just do not want to lose the extra fat. but that is not good enough and soon the extra has get burning away. I might be vain, but one of the reasons why I'm doing this, is because I want to buy clothes that really look good on me, different colours.. And I also want to be able to jog/run 10k. That is one of my goals for the future. Always hated running, but getting used to it very slowly.

lauantai 15. elokuuta 2015

The joy of movement

Finally I have started exercising more. Walking those 15 000 steps per day is really good, but there are still so many other things that can be done. Like going to the gym. I'm starting it easy and trying to go at least three times per week, hopefully seeing some changes in my muscles. I really have this nightmare about saggy skin after losing weight. So more movement to me.

One thing that is different on weekends, I do not get my daily steps so easily. On a normal working day the amount of steps is over 8000 after coming home, maybe more. But today I went for a 8.5km walk so that I'll get enough steps. I could train on a treadmill at the gym, but sometimes that is boring.

Before going to the gym, I needed some kind of plan, so not just going there and doing little bit this and that like I did on Thursday. When you have a good plan, it's easier and faster to go there. Many people say that they go to the gym three times per week, but actually doing something there? There is this web page that has lot's of good advices, different blogs, recipes, articles about sports and so much more. Here is a link, if you want to check it out; Gains.

The plan that I got from their site and I'm using at the moment, is called Hot Mama Fat Burn. It is a plan for those, who want to lose at least 10% of their weight. It also has two different options, plan 1 is three times per week and plan 2 three to six time per week, but you can also do it eight times in two weeks. I chose that, because there is so much to lose and I want to see results in my body.

Today's work out was concentrating on legs and shoulders and looked like this:

Warm up - walking to the gym 30min

First round - 15-12-10-8-6-3
Dumbell Thrusters

Second round - 15-12-10-8-6-3
Lateral raise side
Lateral raise bent over
Calf raise

Third round - 15-12-10-8-6-3
Sumo Squat
Lateral raise front

Cool down - walking back home 30min and stretching.

The numbers mean that I do the exercises on first round first fifteen times, then twelve, ten, eight, six and last three. After doing that, I'll continue to the second round. The point is that you do not have any pauses between. I was quite done afterwards, but still feeling so good. I only used 2kg dumbbell, because I'm in really bad shape, but when I'm getting stronger, I'll move to bigger weights. Tomorrow I'm doing chest and biceps.

perjantai 14. elokuuta 2015

Koska me ei olla enää me

The topic name is a name of a song from young Finnish female artist and it means "because we are no us anymore." Song about time after breakup and when people have moved on. Fits my feelings perfectly.

You wake up thinking its February, you're in Helsinki, having a hungover and recent breakup with your boyfriend. Your memories surface, moments that you thought you have forgotten, become so clear and you curse the past. Why do the dreams of him bother again? Has not there been enough time already? Especially when you were happy in the dream. Is conscious trying to tell something?
That maybe moving to UK was a mistake, should have stayed there, not parted our ways in February. Would there be happiness in my life at the moment?

All those questions have plagued me immediately after waking up. I am happy here. I do not have friends yet, but I have been here only for under two months. In friends I do not calculate my coworkers, because I do not see them on my free time. I miss my friends, family and even sometimes him, but mostly the good times with him, having fun, enjoying ourselves. Not the insecure moments when doubting everything and anything.

When feeling sad, think of happy thoughts, think of your goals, things you want to do and experience. Been trying to tell that to myself. Living in the moment, but still planning for the future. Trying to avoid being this realistically pessimistic person, who does not think that she could succeed at anything. Looking in the mirror, saying to myself that I'm pretty, sometimes even beautiful. Today did not feel pretty. Felt bloated, sad and lonely. Felt like texting him, some silly text message, like normally, just telling about my day, if he would like to come over. But he's over me, doing different stuff and would not think that he would be thinking of me.

I did hope that it could have been something permanent.But not anymore. I'll make my own happiness.

Here is a link for the song.

keskiviikko 12. elokuuta 2015

Week five weigh in

My favourite day again and it's called Wednesday. At the same time it's the weigh in day, but that is not the reason why it is my favourite day. It's just is. Reason enough. Day at work went in good pace, not too fast, but not too slowly. When it got closer to 5pm, it felt like time went slower, maybe because I was waiting it to be 7pm and time for my weigh in.

When I arrived to M:s place, we talked little how my week has been, about how I'm feeling, etc and then came the moment I have been waiting. Stepping on the scales and being nervous. Last week I gained 0,6kg but this week it was down by 2,2kg. It's good amount and next week it is going to continue going down. After losing 0,1kg then I have lost 10kg and that is amazing! Sometimes when concentrating on the weekly weight, you feel like you have not lost enough, but so many times the complete amount of weight that you have lost, is forgotten. M also told that next week we'll take the measurements. That is sometimes more exciting than going on the scale, because I find it hard to lose inches.

Today was the third day using Fitbit Flex and I have been really satisfied with it. It really motivates to walk more, today walked more than 15 000 steps. Again I jogged the last kilometre and this time it was not so bad. Already getting in better shape! Maybe I should have the goal on 15 000/day for two weeks, but see how much actually I walk and then lift the goal higher, if I walk more than my goal is.

Quoting Pharrell Williams "Because I'm Happy" fits so well on my mood.

After walking/jogging

tiistai 11. elokuuta 2015

Oxford Street Lush in London

Yesterday my co-worker L said that I have to visit the legislation office in London again, and who am I to say no. I like going to London, even if I'm there only for the morning and not having that much time to do different things. This time I went there little earlier, knew where to go and again was a good weather. This day trip would also be a good chance to walk and test the Fitbit, see how everything works. Last night I put an alarm to ring for me a bit earlier than normal on Fitbit, so that if I would not wake up on it, I would wake up on my normal alarm from my phone. It was weird feeling to wake up when Fitbit started vibrating on my wrist, but I did wakeup.

After waking up I went to make some tea, something that I do not normally drink at home in the morning. Time went fast and sometime before eight my journey towards London started. When travelling, it felt like everybody else was in a hurry, going really fast and just looked so busy. Except for me. Not walking too fast, trying to look around, seeing new things to enjoy. After dropping of the document to legislation office, the direction was towards St. James Park, this time just sitting on a bench and enjoying the weather. Took some selfies, no new thing, but I try to take pictures so that the change might show in them.

St James Park

Selfie Time, even felt pretty when taking the picture.

Then came getting the document back, I decided to tempt the fate and visit a Lush store on Oxford Street. It's really huge, there are three floors full of products and I just love it already, have to visit again. Before going there, I decided to have a limit of 20£ that I can use, so that I would not be broke after one trip. The total that I used was only 15£ so I'm good with that, even if I only got three different products.

I have been wanting to buy a moisturiser to workplace, because my hands are getting really dry after washing them. At the store I tested few and even got some good tips on products, but in the end I chose a Charity Pot. It's called Charity Pot, because they donate everything to charities except VAT, because that goes to the government. A very good thing to do. It smells really nice and feels good to use.

After starting to walk more, I wanted to spoil my feet little bit, so a good product for my feet were on the list. There was huge amounts, but Pumice Power gave me the best impressions. I'll be trying it next weekend, so then I'll tell more about it. It smells good, not too strong.

Yesterday I noticed that my toothpaste is almost done and it was time to buy more. Luckily did not buy some generic stuff from grocery store, because I have been wanting to try the Toothy Tabs from Lush and today I bought some. Have not brushed my teeth yet, but hopefully they are good and work for me. There were so many different products that I wanted to buy, but did really not need them.

After London I went to the office for few hours, came home and went for a small walk, so that I could get the 15 000 steps. But got even more, almost 20 000 steps and I feel great, so awesome. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I really hope to have lost more than few pounds. We'll see.

maanantai 10. elokuuta 2015

Fitbit Flex

Today's topic is my new toy, Fitbit Flex that I bought last week, but it came today in the post. I have longed for a long time some kind of activity band, so that when going for a walk I would not need my phone with me. My phone is good, but I want to try and be without it.

So I started my research about the topic, not too expensive but not the cheapest one. The important features would be tracking the kilometres walked, steps taken, quality of sleep, hours slept, active minutes and calories burned. Shortly said, for everyday fitness. Also the battery life should be good, flex should work for 5 days without charging. Lets see if that's true. Fitbit Flex would be good one, hopefully. When it came today, I charged it, did not take long and then started using. My daily step goal is 15 000, so that the walking will really affect my really poor condition. The flex already motivated my after work, went for a walk/jog. So motivating! It's also good that tomorrow when visiting London, I can see how many steps/km I get from just walking around.

I have been really strict with my diet, nothing extra after my cracking. I really hope that it shows on the scales or lost inches. We'll see on Wednesday, only two days before it.. My body is somewhat messed up at the moment. I'm having period, but not everyday.. Today has been a normal day, but hopefully it would end soon. Wanting my body to get in condition with every aspect, not just losing weight.

keskiviikko 5. elokuuta 2015

The annoyance of everything and nothing

Another Wednesday. Another weigh in and today's number on the scale was bigger than last weeks. Not motivating. Still no bowel movement, got more of Cambridge fibre from my coach. The laxative did nothing for me. Coach suggested that I should try coffee, maybe that will work for me. I'll give one week for the coffee and fibre, and help me god if they do not work, I'll buy the super stuff that my sister told me about. Hopefully I do not have to go there.

 After leaving from coaches house, I went to Sainsbury's to buy some instant coffee and skimmed milk with it. There was this cookie section that kept calling my name. I stood in front of the shelf for a long while, something in me trying to say "just buy the cookies, eat them today and start over tomorrow". But I did not buy them. I left them in the store. Because I d not want to start over. I'm going to continue this and be happy.

The free newspapers and one that costs

When I arrived home, there was a package from Finland waiting. It said that sender was A, one of my dearest friends in the whole world, but I was little bit skeptic about what it would have inside and not without a reason. There was pile of Finnish free newspapers and a card. That really made my day 100% better. Like completely better, because they are also remembering me, especially with these crazy stints that they usually do.

My friends A, M, C and I.

After getting home, I was supposed to Skype with my friend T, but I think she forgot. Not a new thing. Maybe another day. Hopefully. After messaging with my sister for some time, we decided just to use Skype. She is spending time at our summer cottage, that lazy person. I can really count on her when losing the motivation or just wanting to went on my feelings, she listens to me, gives good advice and just is there, even if she is another country. I'm lucky to have two people supporting me in my journey, because I could not do this alone.

After the Skype call happened something that should have not happened yet. My period came. Again. Last time they were here like two weeks ago. I do have the normal symptoms, but did not even think about having them again. Maybe my body is just confused about everything. Hopefully they would start to behave normally. Now I'm suffering from stomach cramps, but they'll go away soon. Maybe. Hopefully.

tiistai 4. elokuuta 2015

Unpleasant side effects

In this posting I'm going to write about about normal body functions that every human being has and some of you might not want to read about, so feel free to skip. I'm not going to describe too much, because you do not know too much. I'm going to be honest, because this is something that anybody doing Cambridge Weight Plan, could experience.

Soon I have been doing Cambridge Weight Plan for four weeks and in three weeks I have lost 17.7lbs or 8 kilos. It is a good amount, maybe would have lost more, but had my periods on the second week so more bloating in my body. Last Thursday I had some pizza and cakes, so I know that they are going to affect, maybe my weight has not gone down, but I really do hope that I have not gained more. That would be really depressing.

Biggest problem for me has been constipation. Before CWP, my normal bowel movement was once a day, usually in the morning, after waking up. Now it is once or twice a week and that is not nice. The feeling of bloating is with me all the time, but my stomach does not hurt. The first week I went without anything, thinking that maybe my body needed more time for the change. On the second week I went and bought some natural laxatives called Natural Senna Laxatives from Boots. They did nothing else than make me sound like my friend A when she's hungry. That week I had the number two once and with great work and pain. Third week my consultant gave me a sample of the Cambridge Fibre and said that I should have it half a teaspoon a day, mixing it on my shakes or just water. Did not work either. Tried even putting whole teaspoon, but no. Again I have had number two once and today the bloating feeling is so annoying. I also fear that it's going to affect my weigh in tomorrow.

After work I decided to walk to Tesco's, buy some other Laxative called Dulcoease, some Camomille tea that should help digestive system and flax seeds. I took one of the laxatives now and had a cup of Camomille tea. I really do hope that they work. I don't see this plan working for me for much longer if I cannot have a normal rhythm. Of course I understand that I'm not having that much food, so there is not that much waste, but still its not nice. If these do not work, maybe the next thing is going to be Psyllium Husk and add more exercise. Look of some basic yoga that I could do at home, because I'm not that flexible. Stand corrected, not flexible at all, like an iron stick.

I also ordered yesterday some contact lenses, because I ran out. These were quite cheap, everything in the picture above cost me under 26£ so not bad. Now I just hope that the lenses are good for me, because I have six pairs of them. When browsing the site, I saw these really cute animal lense cases and the frogs were screaming my name, tempting to buy and I did. No regrets. There came also this normal case, but normal is sometimes really boring. So frogs protect my lenses for the moment, maybe next time I'll buy elephants. I ordered the lenses yesterday and they came today, first class Royal Mail, really nice and fast delivery. 

Took a morning selfie, just because I felt like it. Sometimes when I look at the mirror, I think I see some changes in me, maybe my face looks a bit thinner than earlier, but some other times the bloating feeling is there so no thin faces for me. In this picture you can see my huge forehead, so many times I let my bangs/fringe cover it, but today I put my hair back with bobby pins. Next to my door, can you see my motivation mushroom from Super Mario? It says get a life and it's the only coverall patch that I took with me. First I was thinking that maybe I could sew it on my bag pack, but at the moment it's good where it is. 

Soon off to bed, waiting and being nervous about tomorrows weigh in. So hoping that it has gone down. Maybe I should try eating three products per day.

maanantai 3. elokuuta 2015

Mon Bento

I love tea. I have so many different kinds of tea, but I still want more. So for me to have a good tea experience, I need to have a good cup, strainer, tea pot and something where to put the strainer so that my tea wont be too strong. Just before moving to UK, I bought a Mon Bento lunch box from a Deli in Helsinki and I love it. Well of course I have not used it that much, because still eating the Cambridge products, but when I'll start taking lunch with me to the office, my lovely Mon Bento lunch box will work perfectly.

At work I have used ta bags, because I did not have a good strainer and frankly, it was not that good. So it was time for research. One good option was Whittard Chelsea, that has shops and online shops. They had good variety, but still did not want to buy them. After visiting the home page of Mon Bento, I noticed that they have also cups with strainers and even lids. And they were on sale. Short story even shorter, I bought two. One for home and another to the office. Satisfaction to these products is sky high for me.

Cup that I'm keeping at the office.

The size of the cup is good, there goes 3.5 decilitres of water, so not too much and not too little. The wholes in the strainer are good size, no big chunks of tealeaves go through. The cups are BPA free, you can put them in microwave and dishwasher. The lid also works as a tray for the strainer, so you don#t have to have a separate plate for it. Very good.

Cup that I'm keeping home.

I ordered them last Friday, before noon, if I remember correctly and delivery was with FedEx. The email said that they should be arriving on Wednesday before 6pm, but already this morning (Monday) I got a text saying that delivery is happening today. Good and fast service. I got the products before noon and enjoyed so many cups of tea today. Maybe having more soon.

sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

New month, new goals.

Usually when people start new diet or exercise plan, they tend to do on Monday. It's so easy to say on Friday that "I'll start eating healthy and exercising on Monday, so now I'll just go to the grocery store, buy all these things I'll have to give up and eat while I still can." I've done that in the past. But there lies the biggest problem, in the sentence. I'll have to give up. That is the problem for me at least. The moment I think that I cannot have all those unhealthy but oh so tasty treats, I start thinking about them all the time. And my workplace does not help towards it. 

Last Thursday we had this Fancy Dress Up day at work and the theme was Disney. People brought there all kind of yummy treats and all of them were placed across my table. I could see and smell them and I'm sorry to say that I cracked. Had some small pieces of cake and sweets. We also had our company meeting during that day, so we ordered 15 pizzas to the office and I had to slices of pizza. Then my thoughts started going on 100/km, now I have screwed up this, it doesn't matter, I'll just eat everything that I can. But somehow I motivated myself not to eat more treats or pizza. That is something that should be for everybody, you might crack and have some treats, but then continue with your diet. Forgive yourself and the forget the treat, not staying to think the treats, because then you are thinking about the treats, mentally torturing yourself. Thought's are so powerful and sometimes you are just tired of saying no to yourself when you want something. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, easy and not too time consuming. I did not take the costume off or wash the makeup before I went home, so I got some funny reactions on the bus.

So from Friday I continued normally eating my Cambridge products, soon going through the withdrawal again, but this is my choice and I'll live with it. There were still so many treats left and my coworker L had some, but usually she eat's really healthily and no sweets. But that day it was me. I know I should not compare myself to anybody, except the person I was yesterday. One thing I really want to experience, that people really notice that I have lost weight and then they might even comment it. I might be vain that way, but being truthful, that motivates me. 

On Saturday I took the morning easy, visited library, tried to join the Reading Sport and Leisure centres by visiting the Central Pool, but their reception was closed. That annoyed me a bit, because there were three people standing behind the desk. But there are other locations so went next to the Palmer Park Stadium location. Well of course everything did not go so easily. Their card machine was not working at the moment and I did not have any cash with me. That problem was easily corrected by walking to the ATM near by. Now I have a gym membership. Going today try it to my closest gym location, in Meadway. 

Also decided to walk to Decathlon sports store in Reading, they were having sales. I so wanted to buy so much and different things, but I decided to stick with the things I need, like new bottoms, few tops, long sleeved shirt and some socks. I have been in Decathlon before, but only in Shanghai. It's a good store and the products work for me. Next to Decathlon, there was this HobbyCraft store, full of everything, like my own personal heaven/hell, because I really wanted to buy so much. But I came home only with Fiskars scissors, To-Do-List and Foam board for my next project. The Fiskars scissors were quite expensive, but I know that they are good.  Now I have this motivation for doing different craft projects, but I'll start slowly, because not trying to spend all of my money there. It would be so easy.