maanantai 1. helmikuuta 2016

Update on my life

What has happened after November? Many things and I would say that the biggest was my graduation from university in December. Now I’m officially done with school, at least for few years. I know that after some time I get bit bored and want to try something different and master’s degree would be a nice thing to have.

What about my weight loss journey? No updates there. After my holiday in Finland, my motivation disappeared completely. I tried to keep on plan, but ate normal food so many times, so the only thing was that I kept my weight on the same level, but did not lose any. In January I emailed my Cambridge consultant and said that I need to have a pause with this whole thing, it’s no use to do it only with 50% percent or less motivation. I grew bored of the milkshakes and bars. Felt like I really did not achieve that much. So now I’m going to try something new and different. Eating more and being healthier. I cancelled my gym card because I did not go there for a long time, getting excuses why not and there is no point of paying for something that you doesn’t use. It was nice, but I did not feel comfortable there. I’ve been research and there is another gym closer to me, almost the same opening hours and they even have a sauna. It is a bit cheaper. I’ll see how this goes and what happens.

I do now that I want to lose at least 8 kilos before my birthday that is in April. So I got two months for that. Cambridge weight plan helped me to lose about 20 kilos, but now I need to learn to eat normal food and not binge. Yesterday I started a plan called Go-Fat-Go by Jutta Gustafsberg and everything has gone quite well. It feels that I’, eating quite much, even if that is not true, but it is more than I would be eating on CWP. I even bought a kitchen scale so that I can do everything correctly and not just somewhat around there and then wondering why I do not achieve anything. I do not care for the cottage cheese that much, but luckily I try only to eat it with the porridge and blueberries so I cannot that I really taste it that well.

What else has happened in my life? I’ve gotten more friends and some routine for me like going to the pub on Friday’s some current and old co-workers. I tried going on dates; but it did not really work for me, the guy was nice and everything but honestly said, I did not feel anything towards him. Unfortunately I still have feelings towards a person here in UK, but trying actively to have only friend like feelings because I now that the feelings are not returned.

Well that was about things that have happened, now we can move onto things that are going to happen during this year. In four weeks’ time, I’m having a holiday in Finland, pamper myself and just relax and take it easy. Before that I’m concentrating on the healthy side and being more positive about everything. I’m going to continue seeing friends and trying to make new ones. There is going so many new things and I just can’t wait them to happen. 

My happy face before work :)

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