tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2016

The annoying feeling of feeling annoyed

Annoyance. That has been the feeling I have been having lately. Especially last night. I’ve been having these interviews for a new job, but unfortunately in my case, they just seem to drag on and on, even if they said that the latest phase should have been the last one, but then it isn’t. There is a recruiter handling this whole thing so I’m not contacting the company all of the time, which I think is a really good thing. Recruitment Agencies are not that popular in Finland, so this is a first time I’m using one. The funniest part is that I did not actually even apply for this job, but the recruitment agency found my CV from Reed, contacted me and explained the role. Now I have had four meetings with them and it has taken around one month.

Yesterday I had my latest meeting with a manager from the company and I really thought it would be last one, but then he went and said that I would need to have a phone conversation with a native Swedish speaker. On my way walking home, I was so annoyed and taking it out on my poor sister and she was also wondering about the whole thing. I sent an email to the recruiter about the additional phase in the process, but he said that it is a normal procedure with the company. So today or tomorrow I’m supposed to have the last one (fingers crossed) and then I get to know if I get the job or not. I’m not feeling that positive, but it would seem that I might get. Well if I do not screw up the conversation by speaking Finnish or forgetting my whole Swedish vocabulary.

I hate this feeling of not knowing. It might just be because I know that my spoken Swedish is not really good at the moment, because I have not used it for a really long time. But because I did not apply this job, I thought that I would not care if I got the job or not, but after all of the interviews and talking with the employees, I’ve really liked the idea of joining that company. And not just because of the money. My current pay grade is really horrible at the moment, but I manage. It just would be nice to be able to do more and maybe even buy more clothes, because my current ones are in quite bad condition. I’ve got one pair of trousers and they are close to the breaking point.

I’m also annoyed at myself. I have not been eating healthy or even doing my daily walks so I can see and feel the pounds coming back and I do not like it all. I have decided that on the 4th of April I’m starting Juice Master’s 28 days Super Juice Me challenge. It will give my body and digestive system needed holiday, clear my skin, maybe even help with my eczema. Now as I’ve been eating crappy foods and drinking alcohol, my skin is full of blemishes and just so irritated and I keep scratching it. It is an endless cycle. I choose the 4th April because my birthday is on 2nd and I do not want to start it Sunday. I also want to have a health check with my GP before and after so that I can now how bad my health is at the moment. So maybe today’s last thing to do would be calling my surgery and trying order a time for doctors. Hopefully I could get a time for the morning or afternoon so that not in the middle of the day. 

So now I have twenty minutes and then on my way to home.

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