torstai 7. huhtikuuta 2016

Day 4 and cravings appear

Today is day four in my juicing journey and I want to chew something. This morning’s smoothie was awesome, filled with apple, banana, pineapple, beetroot, spinach and some frozen berries. There are hungry-SOS’s on this plan, so I had a banana after lunch juice, for just to chew something. Luckily those things are allowed and not frowned upon.

I also have noticed that if I’m really bored, I start thinking about different kinds of foods that I could be eating and I know it is just the addiction in my head, trying to get the quick fix. Not going to work, not this time. I’ve been listening the videos from the SJM app and they really help me to concentrate why am I doing this. I’m not happy with my looks or the size of my body. Another thing that has happened after starting to juice, is that my fingers are like ice blocks and I’m feeling cold at the office, which usually never happens. Last time it happened when I was on Cambridge diet and ate under 700 calories per day and my body was on very low energy. Now it should not be on that low, because having all the nice and yummy avocados and banana’s, also adding hemp protein powder to my smoothies and sometimes even some spirulina. So I’m getting everything that my body needs, but I’ve just gotten used to eating way too many calories per day, so my body just has to get used to having really healthy food coming in and not any crap foods.

Then there is my consumption of water and herbal teas, feel like I’m going to the bathroom all the time and my pee is completely clear. Sorry about the talk about bodily fluids, but I want to tell the complete truth that how things are going with this challenge. During this 28 days’ session, I’ll hop on the scales once a week so that I can have some kind of information about my weight and in which direction it is going. Should be going down, because I’m not eating that much. Let’s see what has happened when I hop on the scales on Monday or Tuesday. Of course the weight loss is individual with people, but there has been people who has lost more than 30 pounds and that is amazing. I do not expect miracles but around 25lbs in 28 days would be quite awesome. Already feels that my skin is more clear and blemish free, nails are growing stronger and the dry patches have disappeared from my face and shoulders. So what there is not to like in juicing?

Juicing takes some time to get used not having something to chew, but it goes past quite fast. The first week can be the most awful, at least has been for me in the past. But the “hunger” pains go away and the energetic feelings come. I’m so much waiting for that to happen. Bloating is also something that I want to get rid of. 

My morning ritual

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