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London, day 1

Finally posting about first day in London. It was awesome!
Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Watson, Colin Firth, Patrick Stewart and Johnny Depp.

Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Kate Winslet, Katniss Everdeen and Sherlock Holmes
On Sunday we woke up, had a big breakfast, tidied my room quickly, I packed my stuff and continued towards Reading Train station and from there to London Paddington. Because we were staying in London for almost three days, we decided to buy visitor Oyster cards, put some money on them and then took the tube to Kings Cross Station and walked to our Hostel called Keystone. It was okay price, on a good location, but our room was underground, smelled quite badly and the air was moist. Also there were people still in the room when we arrived. They had paid for extra time, but they thought they could stay until midnight and not midday. We had to wait at least 30 minutes for our room to be cleaned, so we went to Backpackers pub that was upstairs and I had a sider. From there on my diet went south.

Sister Mary Clarence, John McClane, Terminator, James Bond and Shrek

 I had noticed that I had forgotten all of my products home, so the whole time in London, I was eating normal food, which was not a good thing. And I ate chocolate, candy and all these unhealthy things, but it’s now history, I’m going to concentrate in this day and the future. We settled to our room, had a small break and then continued towards London.
Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and The Beatles
Adele, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna and Britney Spears

We had booked the tickets to Madame Tussaud's closer to the evening, around six pm, so before that we went to Baker Street. There was this Sherlock Holmes museum and a gift shop, but we did not visit the museum, it was quite expensive. Before Madame Tussaud's, we went to Sainsbury’s, bought something to eat and ate them in Regents Park, quite near Tussaud's. At 5:45 we walked to Tussaud's, and started our magnificent tour there.

Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher and Barack Obama

All the wax people were really well done. We took pictures and the whole tour was around two hours of even more. My favorites there were Robin Williams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Morgan Freeman, Captain America and the whole Star Wars section. Some of my photos are blurry and does not look that good, but luckily my friend had her camera also, so we both took huge amounts of photos. There was also this “car tour” in London aka we sat in this lookalike taxi and it went this route inside the building. After that came the 4D Marvels Avengers movie and last, but not least, there was Star Wars section. They were so awesome. I’m such a nerd.

Hulk, Nick Fury, Clint Barton and Captain America
From there we took the tube, went to buy some burritos from nearby restaurant, ate them and went to bed. It was a really busy day, lots of walking. Even the weather was okay. It was not awesome, but not raining.

Sherlock and I, George and V, Sister Mary Clarence and I, Shrek and V, Robin Williams and I, Hulk kidnapped V. 
It felt weird to eat normal food again, but I got used to it quite fast and I knew I would gain some kilos back, but life is. This whole journey is about learning how to eat right, and sometimes there will be these days that you do not follow the plan. Life gives you lemons, but maybe you do not like lemonade. You just have to go with the flow. That is something I’m doing. From last Wednesday, I have been following the plan to the t, so I suffered the withdrawal symptoms again, but this time it was not so horrible, because I was sick and did not smell anything and my appetite was gone.
Star Wars, so marvellous and brilliant
I so wish these would be real!

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