torstai 17. syyskuuta 2015

Wednesday weigh in!

The numbers are getting smaller. Yesterday was my weigh in day and I really thought that my weight would have stayed the same because of my period, but actually it had gone down by 2,7kg! So in the last two weeks I have lost 5,8kg and I’m feeling awesome all the time.

Lime water

Next week everything is not going to be normal, because my consultant is attending a funeral, so that’s why today at the gym I’m hopping on the scales, checking my weight and telling it to M and do the same thing next Thursday, so that we’ll know how much I have lost, even if I’m not having the weigh in at her place. Maybe one point I should buy scales. Would be easier.

Key Lime Pie

So at the moment I have dropped 17,9kg and that means after dropping 2,2kg, I have lost more than 20kg. That is huge amount. My next goal is that my weight is going to be under three numbers. It should not take that long and with good work and routine, it might be happening during October.

Banoffee Pecan Pie

I’m also started baking more, which is a good thing, because baking is really relaxing. But from the diet point of view baking is not so good, but there is a good solutions for it, I just bring all of my baked goods to the office and they disappear very fast. Last night I baked a Banoffee Pie and a Key Lime Pie and both were gone before lunch hour. Did not taste them myself, because ketosis would be screwed, but everybody said that they were really delicious. So I’m happy and satisfied.

Only crumbs left

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