sunnuntai 20. syyskuuta 2015

London, day 2

Sooo, here I am again, writing about the Bank Holiday weekend which was already three weeks ago, but feels like only few days. I have had so many other things in my mind, but today I'll write the whole trip here, so that it won't haunt me forever.

On the second day V wanted to go sightseeing before the Warner Bros studio, so we decided to take the Piccadilly line from Kings Cross and started our adventure. With my normal luck, it was raining quite heavily, I did not have good waterproof shoes and my umbrella broke down. We walked from Leicester Square to Victoria Embankment, had some "breakfast" from Starbucks and continued walking and taking pictures. There was Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and so many different locations to see and all the time it continued to rain. My shoes were soaked. Then we decided to walk to Victoria Bus Station so that we would know where our bus would be leaving for the studios. Went there, but we still had way too much time before so I googled the nearest Waterstone's and we walked there, because my fried had wanted to buy a London tourist book.

On the way, I bought a new umbrella and we also visited a tea store called T2 Tea. They had different teas to taste, nice looking cups and teapots and I felt like in heaven. My tea addiction here in UK has gone to new dimensions. I did not buy anything, but I know where it is, they more stores in London than one and they also have a online store, so I'm going to buy their tea soon. Maybe buy a new teapot and a travel mug for tea.

Then at Waterstone's I saw so many good books that I wanted to buy, but only got two, that is enough for me now. My friend did not find a good book and soon we started to walk back to the Victoria Station. I wanted to buy something to eat, I was so hungry after walking so much. We had booked our HP tour from the Golden Tours, because it was the easiest way for us, because it included the trip to both ways and the ticket there. Our trip begun from London at 3 pm and they showed Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone on the way.

Soon we were there and I can say that it was so amazing and I really wanted that it would have been real.Some people have so good imaginations and J.K. Rowling is one of them, and I'm really happy that I grew up when I did and reading the Harry Potter books. They were a big part of my childhood and I love the books so much.

We took huge amounts of pictures there, so I let the pictures do the speaking for you.

The end of the pictures. I tried to put them in some kind of good order and that there would be a "theme". We took so many photos with my friend and I had to leave some of them out. But if you're a Harry Potter fan, I do recommend visiting the studios. You can buy Butterbeer and different candies from there.

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