maanantai 13. heinäkuuta 2015

5 days of Cambridge weight plan

What? Is today really the fifth of of eating Cambridge products? Where are my hunger cramps, headaches and day dreams about normal food? I have read from so many places that the third and fourth day are the worst, but not for me. For me those days were during the weekend and I can honestly say that I did not have any headaches or other side effects. I should be happy about it. I have been drinking water and tea through the day and going also to the bathroom quite many times.

That doesn't make me so happy. I feel like I'm not in the same page as every body else would be when doing this. This have been going so well that I'm also little scared of what the future brings. Maybe on Thursday I'll notice that I haven't dropped anything, just been gaining weight even with eating/drinking these products. Maybe the symptoms came later for me? We'll see in the future how it goes.

Monday. Usually everybody hates this day, just like Garfield, but I have learned to like this day. Yes, the weirdness lives in me. Mind over matter. I would like that the weekend would be longer, but I like working, my job is interesting, I'm learning new things and the people are nice. So I'm having four products per day, and before I started, I had to really think about the eating schedule. If I would have my first around 7am, the other meals would be at 10:30, 2pm and 5:30pm and that would not work with me, not at all. So in the mornings I'll drink hot water with lemon and cold water, so that my metabolism wakes up,  take the bus to work and then have my first product, that has been a porridge or shake, between 8:30 - 9:00am. I've even noticed that I'm not hungry so early in the morning, so its better to wait. During the week, my lunch hour is usually after 12:30am, and by that time I'm already hungry, but not that much. It's not like my stomach would be gnawing its way out. After 4pm I'll have another shake and the last product is going to be between 7 and 8pm, so that its good time to have the last meal.

I bought quite big variety of the products, because I wanted to test them. Some of them taste really good, some okay and some I would not like to eat even if I were payed. One of the most disgusting ones were Maple and Walnut Porridge. I could not eat it completely, left some on my plate. Risotto is good, could eat it every second day, but the pasta is awesome. It's going to be on my everyday diet, because it doesn't taste funny or like a cardboard. I have tasted the Vegetable, Tomato and Basil and Chicken and Mushroom soups and the best one for me was Vegetable and after that Chicken and Mushroom. Tomato and Basil soup had this funny aftertaste, so not buying more of that taste. Then there are the shakes and I'm really happy for those. Easy to do, even quite yummy and works well for me. I have tasted the Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Mango, Vanilla and Banana. The best ones were the Mint Chocolate and Chocolate. Tasted real, not cardboard. Still have flavours to test, hopefully more of them are like Chocolate one.

After few weeks I can add the bars in my diet and I hope that they would at least taste okay. There are six different flavours and I want to taste them all.

Even if I haven't been craving foods like candy, bread, sodas or chips, there is this very annoying thing going on at work. People buy there cakes and candy for no reason. Luckily there are people who eat away the cake, but when I want to use the scanner, the candy boxes are just next to it. Dislike. I scan something everyday and walk past it many times a day. Maybe I should think of it as a training, staring at the sweet boxes and telling myself why I do not want to eat the sweets. I also heard that on the last Friday every month, there is a meeting and they buy huge amounts of pizza to the meeting. That is not going to be a good day. I really like pizza, especially cheese pizza. Maybe I should be indisposed during that day?

On the left my drinking jar, Vanilla shake and water bottle.
On the right there is the yummy pasta.

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