tiistai 14. heinäkuuta 2015

Cravings are killing me!

Today has been hell! Well maybe not hell, but really close to hell. Quiet day at work and I have only been thinking about different kinds of foods, sweets, pastries AKA everything unhealthy that I would regret immediately after eating. Day begun quite well, woke up later than normally would, but still had the time to do everything before catching the bus. When arriving to the office, there was different kinds of cakes in the kitchen! Not a good thing. That would not be a bad thing if it would be once a month, cakes in kitchen are like a weekly thing. I had my breakfast, today's choice was normal porridge and it tasted okay, not too good or not too bad. For lunch there again pasta and around 4:30 I drank a toffee and walnut shake. It tasted okay, better than the mango one. I almost took some of the cake, but I did not crack. Even skipped going to the library, because though that I would crack, walk to Tesco and buy something bad. Like Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream.

Just came home, washed makeup away, took contact lenses off and changed more comfortable clothes on. Then sent a text to my consultant, told her about my cravings and she asked if I had some. I was so happy that I could say no, I did not have anything. I have started to have the soup in the evening, around eight is a good time for me, I start watching NCIS at the same time, but I never finish the episode thats going on. So been used to not having a television, so the one in my room is just there, never been on while I have lived here.

I also messaged with my friend and I think she has bought flight tickets to London in the end of August! I'm so happy. I have known her for twenty years and I'm going to know her for the next twenty something years. I have moved quite many times during my life, so sometimes you don't keep in touch with all of your friends and they just drop off. With some friends, it may be that you do not see them so often, but can continue from where you left it. I have those too, but I like to keep in contact more often than twice a year.

Here some strawberries that I can imagine eating..
I'm satisfied that I got the cravings, now it feels like there has been change happening, not just eating these products, but no weight coming off. But on the other hand I wish that I did not have these cravings, thinking about food is annoying. Just trying to think about Thursday. That is going to be an interesting day. I'm guessing that I've only lost under 3 pounds. Been reading about these success stories, where people lose from eight pounds till eleven pounds. How do they do that? No thinking about how others do it, I'm doing it too, slowly but surely.

PS. I have to come up with a Disney character that I want to dress up as.. No ideas so I'm listening to suggestion. Nothing too major though, have to have the costume on the 30th.

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