lauantai 11. heinäkuuta 2015


I have an addiction and the addictions name is LUSH. I have written before about the products that I do have and after moving to UK, I have bought more. I wasn't even planning on buying more, but then I walked past the Lush/store here in Reading and I had to look what they have and the rest is history.

Before my addiction started, I did not know about all of the products that Lush have, but I visited their web page and read about their Henna-hair colours and I got from a small sample that I can try on my hair, to see it goes with me. I'll write about it more, when trying it. I also bought some new shampoo and hair conditioner, because I like to have some variety, its good for my scalp. I choose the I Love Juicy-shampoo, because its supposed to be gentle and clean greasy hair easily. It has worked for me quite well. For the hair conditioner I chose the Veganese, because the care for my scalp. I have tried so many products for my scalp and some are really bad and I scratch my scalp until it bleeds. Not nice. I think that I even burned my scalp few days after flying to UK, because here was so hot and I wasn't wearing a hat. Let's hope these products work well for me and my scalp.

For my face I bought the Eau Roma Water AKA toner water. I copied here what was written about the product, because it explains why I bought it. My skin is really sensitive.
This is an elegant formula that's suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Rose water will help to calm and reduce redness, whilst lavender water will balance and soften the skin. This was created as a way to hydrate and soothe the skin both gently and effectively. Use it for a quick, refreshing spritz or to remove any traces of makeup or cleanser.

I also bought an Ocean Salt face and body scrub. Have only used it once so do not have that good opinion. After the one time I used Ocean Salt, my skin felt so much softer and nicer and I love it. At the moment I have so many different, but good products so that they are going to last for a long time. I also bought two makeup products, Jackie Oates foundation and Power lipstick. I'm not so sure about the Jackie Oates yet, because I have used to using the Everyday Minerals Jojoba based powder and I like it so much, but I'll give it a chance. It was expensive, but it really matches with my skin tone. Pale as I am. The Power lipstick is a really nice shade. In the last few years I have learned to like using lipstick even if it's not party or anything, just a normal day. It makes me feel more sophisticated and pretty.

Just after I left from Finland, there was the Pride walk in Helsinki and at the same time it was in London, and USA finally has allowed to gay people to marry in every state. So Lush produced this "love-soap". I had to buy it. It's so pretty. Haven't used it yet, because there is no need. I also want to support them, because #gayisokay. If I would have to label me as something, it would be straight. I have few gay friends and I'm really happy to be their friend. When a guy marries another guy or the same with girls, how does it affect me? Is there something that affects my life when gay people get married? No, there are none.  I'm not the most vocal about the different things that I like and support, because I feel that I don't have to vocal about it. But this is something I like to vocal about.

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