perjantai 24. heinäkuuta 2015

When it rains, it pours

Today has been the kind of weather that I waited to be when I arrived to UK, exactly one month ago. Whoa! I have been here already for month, but doesn't feel like that. Time really flies when you're having fun.

This day has been really normal, but nice. I left earlier from work and when coming home, decided to go for a walk. Yes, I know it was raining, but there are waterproofed clothes. That's an excuse that has been really easy for me to say; it's too cold, too hot, its raining, I don't feel like it, etc. There are so many, but today I decided to that screw the weather, I'll go walking. First it was a good idea, walking was nice and my waterproof jacket held the water away. Halfway on my route my shoes and pants were completely wet and jacket felt that it wasn't that waterproof. Maybe its only water repellent? I could have stayed dryer, but the road I was walking, had cars driving next to it so after few big trucks driving past and of course I was just walking next to puddle. You catch my drift. When I came home, I was completely soaked. I need to get better shoes and pants, Northface jacket will do for some time.

Before and after rain :)

But this is me going outside from my comfort zone. You know the place where development happens. I do not like rain or puddles that much, but today I did not mind. There was this huge grin on my face, so maybe all the other people thought that I had forgot to take my medication. But the first time is always hardest. Now I know that even if its raining, I'm going to have a walk and enjoy it. The route is nice, there are side walks, so not that dangerous and today the route was 9,3km which is really good. Shower after walk was heavenly and now staying inside and enjoying good music aka Eminem and stretching the muscles.

I also took some pictures before the walk, so that I'll have later some that I can use in comparison. Maybe I should try the Lush hair colour tomorrow. Change feels so good.

Weird poses ;)

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