tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2015

Week two weigh in

I feel like laughing. Today there was not great surprise and big weight loss. I lost 0,5kg aka 500g. That's not motivating at all and now I really feel like eating so much junk, but not gonna go there. It's normal that you gain weight when having period and my coach said that usually happens. So now I just wait for the next week and and smaller number in the scale. Because that is going to happen.

Now I'm going to talk about normal bodily functions that that you usually do not talk with anybody, but I think that it is good that tell about them, so if somebody tries Cambridge Weight Plan after reading about it from my blog/other place, they know what kind of side effects there are. Constipation has been a problem with me. I drink lots of water and tea, but that just means I'm going to the bathroom quite much. But with these products there are not so much fibre and of course that affects you. Before CWP my bowel movements were daily, now luckily max twice a week, not so nice and I feel bloated. I asked about the CWP fibre, but my coach said that I should first try over the counter laxative and next week I get a sample of the fibre. So a trip to Boots.

Hopefully they work

This time I also bought some of the bars and I really can't wait to test them, hopefully they are good. I also got a blessing to start doing light exercise, so happy. This week more walking for me, just to make me feel good. 5k daily sounds good or maybe 10 000 steps? Lets see how everything goes. I also bought a shaker from Boots, a smaller one than the "normal" size. I do not like using almost one litre shaker, not good.

Not completely my style, but it's good.

Last week I was so motivated after the weigh in and even I only lost 0,5kg, I'm motivated for the next week and that I'm going to lose more. Succession here I come.

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