perjantai 17. heinäkuuta 2015

Morning in London

St James Park
On Tuesday I was informed that I'm going to visit London on Thursday to deliver a document to the Legislation office, wait there until it's ready and then collect it. So in the morning taking the train from Reading to London Paddington Station, continuing with the tube taking Bakerloo line till Chargin Cross Station and from there I walked to the Office, did not take that long. The legislation of the document took around one hour, so I had some time to walk around the city. Close by to the Legislation Office was St James Park and Buckingham Palace. I walked there, behaved like a tourist, took pictures of so many things and I was lucky, because I saw the change of guards.

Buckingham Palace

After returning to the Legislation Office, I decided to start walking towards SoHo, because I read that there is this Scandinavian Kitchen, that sells different kinds of sandwiches, salads and groceries. They also have a website and internet store. At the website they have a wider variety of products and for a foreigner in UK, I think it is really good thing to have here, if you happen to get homesick during your stay. I decided to different Finnish and Swedish sweets and bring them to the office, so they would have something new to taste. I bought some Turkish Peppers, different Liquorice from Haribo and Fazer Chocolate.

Ducks from the Park, really friendly

Around one I left from London, because had to get back to the office, so a train from Paddington to Reading and from Reading to Basingstoke and then finally a bus ride for 20 minutes and then you are there. Nothing much happened for the rest of the day, just waiting to work end, going to the Reading Central Library and then meeting with my consultant. People at the Office were not that enthusiastic about the licorice, but some of them were brave enough to taste, but even fewer said that they enjoyed them. The sweets are probably going to there a long time. Maybe even for 11 weeks and then I can have a taste after my Sole Source step is completed.

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