tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2015

Happy Go Lucky Feelings in the morning

Sleeping. That is one of my favorite things, but usually its not that easy for me. Too much or too little, never enough. Well actually last night I slept enough, because I woke up refreshed before the alarm and sun was shining! It really was awesome and I think that was one thing that has my day so great, even when I'm feeling bloated because of my period and nervous of today's weigh in. I got five and half hours before it, and already nervous. I have this feeling that nothing has changed  and if nothing really has changed, I'm afraid that I'll eat something unhealthy and then I'll binge.

Tea and water really helps me during the day, especially if there are cravings.

Tea and water helps me quite a lot. Today my co-worker said that my lunch looks "dinky", in other words small. Well quite many times it feels small, but I have used to eating this for lunch and I like it. The Pasta even tastes good. There was some cake again at the office and I stood there staring at it for few minutes thinking if I should have some, just a little bit. Everybody said that the cake was really good, you should have some and for the great shame of mine, I did. This really small slice of cake and it wasn't even that good. That made me wonder that do British complement something if it's not that good, but they want to polite? I think that sounds more American to me.

Now I feel bad, because I ate the small piece of cake and I'm starting to get these urges about eating more unhealthy stuff, because I already screwed up. But it doesn't go like that. Yes, I ate some cake, yes, it's not good for my diet, yes, I know that I'm not in ketosis anymore and I know that soon I'm craving more of everything that is not good for me. But now I'm going to forget the piece of cake that I had and continue towards the future. Because if I'm going to think about it all the time, I will feel like eating more of it.

I've been trying to find more weight loss blogs, especially if somebody is writing their experiences about Cambridge weight plan, so feel free to tell me good ones! I have read this really good one, that is in Finnish. there this person lost over 32 kilos and looks amazing! I want to succeed like she did.

Now it's time to continue writing my thesis plan, finally getting somewhere with the whole thing. Wish me luck.

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