sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

Lazy Sunday walk

Weekends goes so fast. Feels like that is Friday and after blinking once, it's Sunday evening. Too fast for me, did not get anything done. I was so tired yesterday, took a nap during the day, which was not a good idea, but could not help it.

I skyped yesterday with my sister A, and we talked for almost an hour and that's not even much. Sometimes we have had these marathon calls that last around three hours. She had been playing board game with her boyfriend during the day and I would like to play too! She also asked me how my Cambridge plan is going and I told her the good news, almost 5kg has gone down, but big part of the weight that I lost, was water. Talking to her about also motivates me to do better because she used to be overweight and now she is not. So I'm going to succeed in this.

Today I woke little before noon, took the morning very easily, not doing much. I had a Butterscotch shake for breakfast, it tasted okay, but not that good. I have to start thinking about my next weeks shopping list, if there are any products that I haven't tried yet. Soon I might start having the bars on some days, if I like them. I tried the water flavour, but did not like it. Too sweet for my taste.

I did some research again about the gyms around here. My coach told me that gym is not a good thing on the first step, because you really do not get that many calories during the day. I know that, but I feel so lazy because I'm not doing any exercise so I have been doing walks here in Reading, getting some fresh air and getting to know the city at the same time. When I first came to Reading, I visited this gym in the city centre called The Gym. It looked okay, not that fancy, costs under 20£ per month, open 24/7 and you do not have to make a contract for many months in the future. I did not like the feeling I got there. I was planning to visit another gym called Pure Gym, it was located quite near the train station, not bad. It would have cost also under 20£ per month, open 24/7 and no contract. My co-worker L said that her sister have used it and its quite good, so maybe I should try it in the future.

So today I did some research about swimming pools in Reading area and I found that there is Reading Sport and Leisure Facilities and they are quite cheap to join, there is a gym, swimming pools and fitness classes. They are not open 24/7 but they have quite good opening times, especially Meadway Sports Centre, it opens 6:30 on week and closes at 10pm so I can work with that. I think I would have chosen the Pure Gym, but I also do like swimming so points for that. The RSL has different levels that you can choose from, depending what you want to do. I think I would choose Silver level. In that level you can choose two from three, Swim, Gym or classes and in the beginning my choice would be gym and swim. Lose some weight before going to the classes. Next Monday I'm going to test the place, hopefully it works for me. It costs 22£ per month, but that is not a bad price to pay for gym and swimming. To Meadway I can walk there in about 30min and I could also take the bus number 33. I'll have to see how long it takes with a bus.

From home to Meadway, from Meadway to home via the bus stop

I also tested that how much it would take from the Meadway to the bus closest bus stop when going to work, so I could try and go there before work. So today I walked over 7km and it felt good, even if sometimes it feels like walking might not be the best sport for me, so that is another reason why I want to swim, good for the knees.

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