lauantai 11. heinäkuuta 2015

The routine is starting to build

Time to write again! There has been so much to do and see, and after the work started, I have been so tired in the evenings, so I haven't been updating in more than two weeks, sorry about that.

So my work started on the first of July and boy, I was nervous. On the first day, my boss told me to come there around ten, because she had some conference call at nine, but normally I'd start around nine. I took a train from Reading to Basingstoke and from Basingstoke to Aldermaston where my job is. I know, a really small place, but I do not mind, because I still live in okay sized city. Normally I will travel my journey to and from work by bus and it takes under an hour, so not bad. Of course the traffic affects the journey times.

On the first day I did not even do much. My boss L held me this little info session, what the company does, different departments, what my duties are going to be etc. So mostly I sat there and watched as our IT-technician L worked his magic to make my computer to work and have all the necessary programs. Around four, I was told that I could leave little earlier because I really had nothing to do there, so L ( not my boss but my coworker) drove me to the bus-stop so I would know where to go. Did I tell you that that my first day at work was really hot day? Like around +30 degrees celsius and I was suffering. But the worst thing was when I came home and in the evening I could not sleep so well because of the heat. Luckily I found a fan in my room so that helped a little.

Now I have been working for a week and a half and I would say that everything is going fine, I#m learning my tasks, getting to know my co-workers and I like it. The days go so fast and I'm home around 6:30pm and thats okay. I just have to get used to getting home that late.

Last Wednesday I had a day off because I had to visit Jobcentre in Oxford, for getting a national insurance number. A national Insurance Number or NIN, is needed when you pay taxes, get some benefits from the government or something like that. Few days after I came to UK, I called to a Jobcentre and made an appointment for the interview. They told me what I need to have when coming there; a proof of identity (passport), proof of living in UK ( tenancy agreement, bill of something sent to your address) and a number that they gave you. Well I had everything needed, but when I was there, they only asked for my passport. Lucky me. In the interview part they just asked why am I in UK, how long have I been there, do I have a job, am I married and do I have other nationalities than Finnish. It was quite easy and took under 25 minutes, including the waiting time.

Before I went back to Reading, I visited a O2 store and wanted to change my Pay as you Go-simcard in to a monthly bill. For that you need to have a bank card from a UK bank and luckily I had that. They also did not do a credit check, because I took only just a Sim card, not a phone with it. I read so many times that people could not pass a credit check for some reason, and I was happy that I got the monthly contract. So now I can say that everything is okay.

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