keskiviikko 29. heinäkuuta 2015

Week three weigh in

Wednesday. I think that is a good day for a weigh in. Not on Monday, because in my case I think that my weight would not change just because it's Monday. Not on Friday, because after work I want to go straight home and enjoy some time for me, doing everything or nothing, depending on the day. So Wednesday middle of the week, works perfectly for me. 

Again I went to consultant around 7, she gave me the the products, I told her how I'm feeling, how everything is going, etc and then came the time for stepping on the scale. My guess before it was Maybe 1,5kg but not more than that. The scale showed -2,7kg from last week. I could not believe it. M did not believe it first, thought that the scale was not properly balanced so I went there three times and every time the same amount. Feeling so awesome. So enthusiastic about everything at the moment, even tomorrows pizza day won't sway me. 

Tomorrow at work we are having a Disney Theme day. Lot's of pictures from there tomorrow.

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