perjantai 17. heinäkuuta 2015

Week one weigh in

Thursday, the day that I have been waiting for sometime, because it's the first weigh in that I'm doing. There has been this feeling that nothing has changed, no loose clothes and now the food cravings are awful. Yesterday I  was visiting London, had to take few documents to Legislation office, wait for few hours to get them back and then off to work. I did do some sightseeing, but not that much, because going to do more when V comes here in the end of August.

I had a salmon salad yesterday for lunch, because there were no shakes left and did not want to anything unhealthy. There was also this pear that I ate on Monday, but then the question was, pear or cake, so happy to say that the pear won the competition.

Before the meeting with the consultant, I was so nervous. I really thought that there would be no difference. Like nothing at all. First we talked how everything had went on the first week, what kind of problems there had been, what I should expect in the future. Then came the moment for weigh in and as I stepped on the scale, there were these nightmare scenarios that I had gained weight. It took few seconds as the numbers went and evened out. I was looking at a number of 120.5 so from last week I had lost 4.7 kg! It's amazing.

Yes, I know that in the beginning its the fluids that leave the body, but that still motivates, because the scale shows a smaller number. Especially when you have much to lose, it would be quite depressing to lose under 0,5 kg per week. Maybe at one point that is going to happen to me, but now I still have so much to lose. I also went down two BMI points, at 125,2 my bmi was 41 and that means very obese, but now I'm at 39,3 and its only obese. The line between overweight and obese goes at 30 so I have 10 bmi points to drop so I'm not obese any more. Can't wait that to happen. I do also know that muscle weighs more than fat, but at the moment I'm not doing any weight exercise, just trying to walk over 5k daily and stretching. There is also that sometimes the numbers do not change on the scale, but still your clothes start getting too big, because you're losing inches. That is a good reason for me not to own a scale. If I would own a scale, I might check the weight way too often.

My normal lunch at work, luckily the pasta is good. 

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