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A gym story

It’s the beginning of August and you decide to do something that you’ve been thinking already for a long time, joining a gym. Already thinking about all the things you’re going to do there, losing weight, getting really fit and enjoying the feeling of your body. Then comes the first problem, you don’t have any good clothes to use so buying cute fitness clothes is next on the agenda.

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When shopping, you really cannot fit in the cutest outfits, but you find something that fits you, does not look like something your grandma would use and doesn’t cost a fortune. You can also check out some good quality shoes for the gym, there is no point of going there without the right tools. Also before going to the gym, you have to check that there no unwanted hairs on your legs or armpits. There could be handsome guys at the gym and you want to give the best impression.

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So now you have the membership, the clothes and no unwanted hairs. You really would like to go there with a friend, but none of your friends have the incline to join. So alone you must go. Of course today is Monday, a good day to start something new. You’ll even go on the same day, full of enthusiasm and these pictures of yourself when you’re going to be fit.

You start with a warm up on treadmill, walking okay pace for about ten minutes and now you’re ready for the actual training. There lies another problem. You have no slightest idea what to do. Yes, you want flat stomach, nice arms and a nice looking arse. Then you do little bit of this, little bit of that, looking fearfully when the huge guys there lift humongous weights and all the females seems to be in their top shape. You feel like you don’t belong.

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You’ll continue going to the gym, doing something small and trying really to get in better shape, but your motivation starts to fade, you’re not going to the gym anymore, but you still have the membership. You continue paying, saying to yourself “one day I’ll go there again and I succeed”. So you continue living your life, partying normally, eating unhealthy foods and with no exercise at all.

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One year after you bought your gym membership, you’ll remember having, after going through your account. You have been paying for it for a year, but you still look the same. Nothing has changed. You belong to a gym, but do not go there. You’re waiting for the morning you wake up and something magical is going to happen and you feel motivated to change your life, again. But you will be waiting for that a long time, because it does not magically happen. The change comes from within, you have to want the change to happen, you have to work for the change and motivate yourself even it’s raining cats and dogs, your trainers have dust on them and you just don’t have the energy after work.

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Because think of the results you could be showing, if you would have stayed committed to going to the gym. Asked help from a personal trainer or somebody who goes there a lot, changed your eating habits, but mostly believed that you can do it. You would completely look like a different person. A person full of confidence, even if not in goal weight, but working towards it. The motivation sticking by making it a habit. Every, day, week, month. You can do it.

You can do it and so can I.

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