keskiviikko 26. elokuuta 2015

Weigh in day, again!

Today was a really good day, went really fast, was busy doing my thesis product so that I'll maybe graduate one day. The thing that I was really waiting, was my weigh in at 7 pm. I had the normal feelings, thinking if there would be any loss or not, hopefully not any gain. First we talked about my upcoming weekend, because my dear friend V is coming from Finland and I'm going to eat some normal food.

So starting from tomorrow, I'm going to be on Sole Source Plus until next Wednesday. If I would not do this transition, I would crack and eat really much of unhealthy food and on plus I'm allowed to eat this small amount of protein and veggies. Meaning I can use a fork and knife, use my teeth, chew the food. Well of course you can chew the Cambridge bars, but sometimes it is really nice to eat somethings else.

This is on my wall, motivating me to lose those 8kg! I like these motivation notes on my wall. I have so many of them :)

Next week I will return on Sole Source, because there is so much to lose and I put another goal for me. In six weeks I'm flying to Finland and participating to our annual family party and I want to be -20kg lighter and lost quite many inches/centimetres. I want to see their reactions when they notice that I have lost weight. That might be vain, but I am. I have always been one of the fattest there, other relatives have lost weight or they just are slim, but I#m just this fat cousin/niece/some distant relative but no more.

On today's weigh in I lost 1.9kg from last week and that is more than I had put on my weekly goal. So now I have 8kg to lose in six weeks and I can do it. There will be no crackings, I have my goal and I'm going to reach it. This next week is going to be hard, but I've got two bars for every day, one Malt Toffee and one Lemon yogurt. We'll also be doing so much and walking around London, so I think that one thing I have to be worried about is drinking enough water.

Now of to bed and having happy thoughts about everything.

Happy selfie afterwards! 

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