sunnuntai 16. elokuuta 2015

Fat vs. Muscle

After starting the Cambridge Weight plan and telling some of my family and friends that I am doing it, the reactions has been very different. My sister A has been here for me all the time, supporting and motivating me. Yesterday told my mom that I have lost almost 10kg in little over one month and she was worried that I might be losing the weight too fast. Some of my friends have the same reaction.

From so many places you have read or heard that muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe you have even seen the picture underneath, with 5 pounds of fat and 5 pounds of muscle and the muscle is so much smaller and nicer to look at. These things I have been thinking, especially after starting to move more, going to the gym and doing long walks. It might be that next Wednesday there is not going to be so much weight loss, because of the exercise that I have during this week and what I will continue to do. But if there is no changes on the scale, we are going to take the measurements and then see if there has been any changes.

When looking at the fat picture, I feel ill. The amount of fat in my body is way too much and I want to get rid of it. I'm not one of those lucky people who can almost eat anything they want, without any changes in them. But I'm working towards my goal now.

Another topic that I have been thinking for sometime, are the different body types. Mine is apple, all the fat stores in my middle section, arms and face. Like those areas have some kind of magnet that calls for the fat towards them. Maybe it's from my genes. Getting rid of the fat in my belly and arms is number one goal and unfortunately you cannot choose from where the fat starts burning away. When exercising, I think this is the conversation that my different body parts are having :

"Brain: Oh! We are doing exercise so lets get rid of the extra fat! Belly are you listening?

Belly: ..Sleeping..

Brain: C'mon Belly, wake up! You have to get rid of the extra fat!

Belly: ..Still sleeping..

Brain: Well I try to wake Bell later, maybe Arms are happy to lose the extra fat. Hey Arms, you awake? Time to lose the extra fat!

Arms: Almost sleeping.. trying to ignore Brain..

Brain: What is with everybody! Now is a really good time to get rid of the extra fat. 

Legs, Butt and Boobs: We're awake! We can lose some extra fat!

Brain: Well its good that somebody listens to me, but you three do not have that much extra, but it's better to lose some than none. "

So that is the reason why my belly and arms are in the worst shape, they just do not want to lose the extra fat. but that is not good enough and soon the extra has get burning away. I might be vain, but one of the reasons why I'm doing this, is because I want to buy clothes that really look good on me, different colours.. And I also want to be able to jog/run 10k. That is one of my goals for the future. Always hated running, but getting used to it very slowly.

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