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The saviour of a bad day, but only if used well. There was a time, when my makeup “routine” included on putting on mascara, sometimes maybe lip gloss. Nothing more. Would have thought that there would be more makeup in my life, because having two older sisters, but no. They never taught me anything about it, so I never gained interest. Until few years back, when starting university. Watched so many tutorials, learned more about applying makeup and different kinds and now I can say that I’m okay doing it. Still trying to learn how to make some nice looks, but I’ve got time.

 Many of the brands that are sold in supermarkets or those kind of stores, are bad for my skin. Tried so many and every time my skin decided flare, pushing the pimples, annoying the living hell out of me. So more research in the future. Read about mineral makeups, people were saying that their skin problems vanished. Then my sister told that she has tried brand called BareMinerals, have worked okay with her so I decided to give it a go. Bought some, first it went okay, but my skin seemed to get little bit worse on some areas. Some of the BareMinerals makeups have this ingredient called Bismuth and it can cause some skin problems with people. Not with everybody, but I got them as did my sister.
1. Cosmetic Warrior from LUSH 2. Just my clean face 3. Putting on some moisturiser (Enzymion from LUSH) 4. Well moisturised skin.  

So the next step was to find something to replace BareMinerals. Luckily my sister found this brand called Everyday Minerals, the company is based in US and seemed okay. Other good thing with Everyday Minerals is, that you can order a sample kit, because you want to try the different tones, which one fits your face. I ordered one, the tones are awesome and no skin problems. I have decided to wait sometime when ordering more of the base makeup, because I have some from Clarins. I do not want to have this huge collection of makeups that I won’t use. This is me trying to save money.

5. After Adding BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer 6. After adding light layer of Clarins Skin Illusion 

Now days I feel like that I'm taking better care of my skin, washing it in the morning and evening, using right type of moisturiser, not using too much make up, using gentle face masks few times per week, cleaning the pores. Here in pictures I've shown you my daily makeup routine before work. Well I do not use the mask everyday, but I do wash my face well in the morning. Now I'm waiting for some Everyday Mineral Makeup samples to arrive, hopefully they do not take long.

7. Final stage is coloring my eye brows, putting on Lumene Natural Code Mascara, Burts Bees lipbalm, Max Factor Scarlet Ghost and on top of it Power lipstick from LUSH, gives it a nice tint. 
There is also picture of my makeup "station". Good height for me and enough room for everything I have. There are also the new EM Makeup Brushes that I ordered last week. They work like a dream.

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