lauantai 15. elokuuta 2015

The joy of movement

Finally I have started exercising more. Walking those 15 000 steps per day is really good, but there are still so many other things that can be done. Like going to the gym. I'm starting it easy and trying to go at least three times per week, hopefully seeing some changes in my muscles. I really have this nightmare about saggy skin after losing weight. So more movement to me.

One thing that is different on weekends, I do not get my daily steps so easily. On a normal working day the amount of steps is over 8000 after coming home, maybe more. But today I went for a 8.5km walk so that I'll get enough steps. I could train on a treadmill at the gym, but sometimes that is boring.

Before going to the gym, I needed some kind of plan, so not just going there and doing little bit this and that like I did on Thursday. When you have a good plan, it's easier and faster to go there. Many people say that they go to the gym three times per week, but actually doing something there? There is this web page that has lot's of good advices, different blogs, recipes, articles about sports and so much more. Here is a link, if you want to check it out; Gains.

The plan that I got from their site and I'm using at the moment, is called Hot Mama Fat Burn. It is a plan for those, who want to lose at least 10% of their weight. It also has two different options, plan 1 is three times per week and plan 2 three to six time per week, but you can also do it eight times in two weeks. I chose that, because there is so much to lose and I want to see results in my body.

Today's work out was concentrating on legs and shoulders and looked like this:

Warm up - walking to the gym 30min

First round - 15-12-10-8-6-3
Dumbell Thrusters

Second round - 15-12-10-8-6-3
Lateral raise side
Lateral raise bent over
Calf raise

Third round - 15-12-10-8-6-3
Sumo Squat
Lateral raise front

Cool down - walking back home 30min and stretching.

The numbers mean that I do the exercises on first round first fifteen times, then twelve, ten, eight, six and last three. After doing that, I'll continue to the second round. The point is that you do not have any pauses between. I was quite done afterwards, but still feeling so good. I only used 2kg dumbbell, because I'm in really bad shape, but when I'm getting stronger, I'll move to bigger weights. Tomorrow I'm doing chest and biceps.

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