keskiviikko 5. elokuuta 2015

The annoyance of everything and nothing

Another Wednesday. Another weigh in and today's number on the scale was bigger than last weeks. Not motivating. Still no bowel movement, got more of Cambridge fibre from my coach. The laxative did nothing for me. Coach suggested that I should try coffee, maybe that will work for me. I'll give one week for the coffee and fibre, and help me god if they do not work, I'll buy the super stuff that my sister told me about. Hopefully I do not have to go there.

 After leaving from coaches house, I went to Sainsbury's to buy some instant coffee and skimmed milk with it. There was this cookie section that kept calling my name. I stood in front of the shelf for a long while, something in me trying to say "just buy the cookies, eat them today and start over tomorrow". But I did not buy them. I left them in the store. Because I d not want to start over. I'm going to continue this and be happy.

The free newspapers and one that costs

When I arrived home, there was a package from Finland waiting. It said that sender was A, one of my dearest friends in the whole world, but I was little bit skeptic about what it would have inside and not without a reason. There was pile of Finnish free newspapers and a card. That really made my day 100% better. Like completely better, because they are also remembering me, especially with these crazy stints that they usually do.

My friends A, M, C and I.

After getting home, I was supposed to Skype with my friend T, but I think she forgot. Not a new thing. Maybe another day. Hopefully. After messaging with my sister for some time, we decided just to use Skype. She is spending time at our summer cottage, that lazy person. I can really count on her when losing the motivation or just wanting to went on my feelings, she listens to me, gives good advice and just is there, even if she is another country. I'm lucky to have two people supporting me in my journey, because I could not do this alone.

After the Skype call happened something that should have not happened yet. My period came. Again. Last time they were here like two weeks ago. I do have the normal symptoms, but did not even think about having them again. Maybe my body is just confused about everything. Hopefully they would start to behave normally. Now I'm suffering from stomach cramps, but they'll go away soon. Maybe. Hopefully.

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