tiistai 4. elokuuta 2015

Unpleasant side effects

In this posting I'm going to write about about normal body functions that every human being has and some of you might not want to read about, so feel free to skip. I'm not going to describe too much, because you do not know too much. I'm going to be honest, because this is something that anybody doing Cambridge Weight Plan, could experience.

Soon I have been doing Cambridge Weight Plan for four weeks and in three weeks I have lost 17.7lbs or 8 kilos. It is a good amount, maybe would have lost more, but had my periods on the second week so more bloating in my body. Last Thursday I had some pizza and cakes, so I know that they are going to affect, maybe my weight has not gone down, but I really do hope that I have not gained more. That would be really depressing.

Biggest problem for me has been constipation. Before CWP, my normal bowel movement was once a day, usually in the morning, after waking up. Now it is once or twice a week and that is not nice. The feeling of bloating is with me all the time, but my stomach does not hurt. The first week I went without anything, thinking that maybe my body needed more time for the change. On the second week I went and bought some natural laxatives called Natural Senna Laxatives from Boots. They did nothing else than make me sound like my friend A when she's hungry. That week I had the number two once and with great work and pain. Third week my consultant gave me a sample of the Cambridge Fibre and said that I should have it half a teaspoon a day, mixing it on my shakes or just water. Did not work either. Tried even putting whole teaspoon, but no. Again I have had number two once and today the bloating feeling is so annoying. I also fear that it's going to affect my weigh in tomorrow.

After work I decided to walk to Tesco's, buy some other Laxative called Dulcoease, some Camomille tea that should help digestive system and flax seeds. I took one of the laxatives now and had a cup of Camomille tea. I really do hope that they work. I don't see this plan working for me for much longer if I cannot have a normal rhythm. Of course I understand that I'm not having that much food, so there is not that much waste, but still its not nice. If these do not work, maybe the next thing is going to be Psyllium Husk and add more exercise. Look of some basic yoga that I could do at home, because I'm not that flexible. Stand corrected, not flexible at all, like an iron stick.

I also ordered yesterday some contact lenses, because I ran out. These were quite cheap, everything in the picture above cost me under 26£ so not bad. Now I just hope that the lenses are good for me, because I have six pairs of them. When browsing the site, I saw these really cute animal lense cases and the frogs were screaming my name, tempting to buy and I did. No regrets. There came also this normal case, but normal is sometimes really boring. So frogs protect my lenses for the moment, maybe next time I'll buy elephants. I ordered the lenses yesterday and they came today, first class Royal Mail, really nice and fast delivery. 

Took a morning selfie, just because I felt like it. Sometimes when I look at the mirror, I think I see some changes in me, maybe my face looks a bit thinner than earlier, but some other times the bloating feeling is there so no thin faces for me. In this picture you can see my huge forehead, so many times I let my bangs/fringe cover it, but today I put my hair back with bobby pins. Next to my door, can you see my motivation mushroom from Super Mario? It says get a life and it's the only coverall patch that I took with me. First I was thinking that maybe I could sew it on my bag pack, but at the moment it's good where it is. 

Soon off to bed, waiting and being nervous about tomorrows weigh in. So hoping that it has gone down. Maybe I should try eating three products per day.

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