maanantai 10. elokuuta 2015

Fitbit Flex

Today's topic is my new toy, Fitbit Flex that I bought last week, but it came today in the post. I have longed for a long time some kind of activity band, so that when going for a walk I would not need my phone with me. My phone is good, but I want to try and be without it.

So I started my research about the topic, not too expensive but not the cheapest one. The important features would be tracking the kilometres walked, steps taken, quality of sleep, hours slept, active minutes and calories burned. Shortly said, for everyday fitness. Also the battery life should be good, flex should work for 5 days without charging. Lets see if that's true. Fitbit Flex would be good one, hopefully. When it came today, I charged it, did not take long and then started using. My daily step goal is 15 000, so that the walking will really affect my really poor condition. The flex already motivated my after work, went for a walk/jog. So motivating! It's also good that tomorrow when visiting London, I can see how many steps/km I get from just walking around.

I have been really strict with my diet, nothing extra after my cracking. I really hope that it shows on the scales or lost inches. We'll see on Wednesday, only two days before it.. My body is somewhat messed up at the moment. I'm having period, but not everyday.. Today has been a normal day, but hopefully it would end soon. Wanting my body to get in condition with every aspect, not just losing weight.

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