tiistai 11. elokuuta 2015

Oxford Street Lush in London

Yesterday my co-worker L said that I have to visit the legislation office in London again, and who am I to say no. I like going to London, even if I'm there only for the morning and not having that much time to do different things. This time I went there little earlier, knew where to go and again was a good weather. This day trip would also be a good chance to walk and test the Fitbit, see how everything works. Last night I put an alarm to ring for me a bit earlier than normal on Fitbit, so that if I would not wake up on it, I would wake up on my normal alarm from my phone. It was weird feeling to wake up when Fitbit started vibrating on my wrist, but I did wakeup.

After waking up I went to make some tea, something that I do not normally drink at home in the morning. Time went fast and sometime before eight my journey towards London started. When travelling, it felt like everybody else was in a hurry, going really fast and just looked so busy. Except for me. Not walking too fast, trying to look around, seeing new things to enjoy. After dropping of the document to legislation office, the direction was towards St. James Park, this time just sitting on a bench and enjoying the weather. Took some selfies, no new thing, but I try to take pictures so that the change might show in them.

St James Park

Selfie Time, even felt pretty when taking the picture.

Then came getting the document back, I decided to tempt the fate and visit a Lush store on Oxford Street. It's really huge, there are three floors full of products and I just love it already, have to visit again. Before going there, I decided to have a limit of 20£ that I can use, so that I would not be broke after one trip. The total that I used was only 15£ so I'm good with that, even if I only got three different products.

I have been wanting to buy a moisturiser to workplace, because my hands are getting really dry after washing them. At the store I tested few and even got some good tips on products, but in the end I chose a Charity Pot. It's called Charity Pot, because they donate everything to charities except VAT, because that goes to the government. A very good thing to do. It smells really nice and feels good to use.

After starting to walk more, I wanted to spoil my feet little bit, so a good product for my feet were on the list. There was huge amounts, but Pumice Power gave me the best impressions. I'll be trying it next weekend, so then I'll tell more about it. It smells good, not too strong.

Yesterday I noticed that my toothpaste is almost done and it was time to buy more. Luckily did not buy some generic stuff from grocery store, because I have been wanting to try the Toothy Tabs from Lush and today I bought some. Have not brushed my teeth yet, but hopefully they are good and work for me. There were so many different products that I wanted to buy, but did really not need them.

After London I went to the office for few hours, came home and went for a small walk, so that I could get the 15 000 steps. But got even more, almost 20 000 steps and I feel great, so awesome. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I really hope to have lost more than few pounds. We'll see.

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