sunnuntai 16. elokuuta 2015

My Grand Design

Change is good and it's inevitable. For some time already there have been a thought of change in my head, to do something new for my blog. Today was time for it. Did not exactly know what I wanted, but after sitting many hours on the computer and modifying pictures, trying to see what looks good, what does not and changing the pictures so many times.

The name changed, because the old one was not completely true with this blog. In here I'm mostly writing about my journey towards skinnier me and now the blog reflects that and not just something. I'll still write about other stuff that I'll do, so not only about my eating and exercise habits, because that would be plain boring.

My Grand Design. The name already gets me very exited. Some of you might have heard of the British show where they do these awesome renovations? I like watched only one episode, but it was so nice. Then there are these other tv shows like 24 hour design. That already tells me that the change is going be done fast, but it might not be this really good change. So my change is going to be done with a grand design, with care so that after I have reached my goal, I will not return to the bad stuff, gaining weight or stop doing exercise.

Lifestyle change continued today with morning gym. Was there before ten and the training that I did, almost killed me. I was so done after the session and almost took a bus home, but did not. Walking home was a good cool down. Have to do still some stretching, because I want to be able to move tomorrow. My butt muscles are sore from yesterday. Going down the stairs hurts and I live on the top floor.

Next week I'm going to do some more changes on the blog pages. But now, good night everybody.

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