keskiviikko 12. elokuuta 2015

Week five weigh in

My favourite day again and it's called Wednesday. At the same time it's the weigh in day, but that is not the reason why it is my favourite day. It's just is. Reason enough. Day at work went in good pace, not too fast, but not too slowly. When it got closer to 5pm, it felt like time went slower, maybe because I was waiting it to be 7pm and time for my weigh in.

When I arrived to M:s place, we talked little how my week has been, about how I'm feeling, etc and then came the moment I have been waiting. Stepping on the scales and being nervous. Last week I gained 0,6kg but this week it was down by 2,2kg. It's good amount and next week it is going to continue going down. After losing 0,1kg then I have lost 10kg and that is amazing! Sometimes when concentrating on the weekly weight, you feel like you have not lost enough, but so many times the complete amount of weight that you have lost, is forgotten. M also told that next week we'll take the measurements. That is sometimes more exciting than going on the scale, because I find it hard to lose inches.

Today was the third day using Fitbit Flex and I have been really satisfied with it. It really motivates to walk more, today walked more than 15 000 steps. Again I jogged the last kilometre and this time it was not so bad. Already getting in better shape! Maybe I should have the goal on 15 000/day for two weeks, but see how much actually I walk and then lift the goal higher, if I walk more than my goal is.

Quoting Pharrell Williams "Because I'm Happy" fits so well on my mood.

After walking/jogging

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