maanantai 3. elokuuta 2015

Mon Bento

I love tea. I have so many different kinds of tea, but I still want more. So for me to have a good tea experience, I need to have a good cup, strainer, tea pot and something where to put the strainer so that my tea wont be too strong. Just before moving to UK, I bought a Mon Bento lunch box from a Deli in Helsinki and I love it. Well of course I have not used it that much, because still eating the Cambridge products, but when I'll start taking lunch with me to the office, my lovely Mon Bento lunch box will work perfectly.

At work I have used ta bags, because I did not have a good strainer and frankly, it was not that good. So it was time for research. One good option was Whittard Chelsea, that has shops and online shops. They had good variety, but still did not want to buy them. After visiting the home page of Mon Bento, I noticed that they have also cups with strainers and even lids. And they were on sale. Short story even shorter, I bought two. One for home and another to the office. Satisfaction to these products is sky high for me.

Cup that I'm keeping at the office.

The size of the cup is good, there goes 3.5 decilitres of water, so not too much and not too little. The wholes in the strainer are good size, no big chunks of tealeaves go through. The cups are BPA free, you can put them in microwave and dishwasher. The lid also works as a tray for the strainer, so you don#t have to have a separate plate for it. Very good.

Cup that I'm keeping home.

I ordered them last Friday, before noon, if I remember correctly and delivery was with FedEx. The email said that they should be arriving on Wednesday before 6pm, but already this morning (Monday) I got a text saying that delivery is happening today. Good and fast service. I got the products before noon and enjoyed so many cups of tea today. Maybe having more soon.

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