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After trying so many things, it really feels like they do not work for me. Maybe it's that Cambridge is not that suitable for my body, because the constipation is starting to annoy me so much. On Wednesday started my seventh week on CWP and I can truthfully say that I usually go on number two once a week and that is usually after long work and effort.

First I just tried over the counter Senna Laxatives, they did not help me at all. Followed the directions, but nothing. The only effect that I got was growly stomach, so annoying. Before buying the Fibre from M, I wanted to try some other things as well. So I bought another laxative, this time it was Dulcoease, some flaxseeds and chamomile tea, because it was said that flaxseeds and chamomile tea should help getting rid of constipation. The tea should also help to get better sleep, so that would be perfect for me. I did not notice any difference with the tea or flaxseeds, but Dulcoease helped a bit, not that much, but some. Number two came twice a week with that, but still felt bloated.

After opening to my sister A about my annoyance for this whole subject, she recommended this really good stuff, called Dulcolax Pico Liquid. It worked really well, going to the bathroom was awesome. The instructions said that you should not use it too much, because if you did, there might be problems later to go without it. So maybe once a week using it, but also eating the Cambridge Fibre, so that maybe it would be good, getting a normal rhythm. First it worked and then it stopped working. Went on last Sunday, felt way bloated whole week, dropped only 0.6kg on Wednesday, took a dosage of the Dulcolax liquid on Wednesday night, hoping that it would work well and could use the bathroom before work on Thursday. But nothing happened on Thursday. Finally today around noon came number two, but it hurt. No need to tell you more, you get the point. 

My coworker L suggested Bootea Detox for me. The concept is that you drink morning tea after waking up every morning and one just before going to sleep every other night. They also recommend that you start it on weekend or a day off, because if your body reacts badly to the evening tea and you have to run to the bathroom all the time. So I drank my first tea today around 5 in the evening, because I really want to have the evening tea and start the whole process. In few hours I'm having the evening tea. I bought two 14 day packages so I'm doing 28 days aka four weeks of detox. Tomorrow morning I'm taking pictures and measurements so that I can compare it. This is like scientific research for me. 

28 days worth of Detox Tea.

So if any of you readers have any experience, feel like asking questions or just curious, please comment them. If you have done this detox, it's really nice to know about your experiences. Luckily the daytime tea tasted quite good.

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